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Static PharmaSeq Wands

Static WandThe PharmaSeq Wand is a small, hand-held device capable of reading the IDs of individual p-Chips®, one at a time. The Wand is connected to a conventional personal computer or laptop using a USB cable that provides power and communication to the device. For mouse tracking, it is usually mounted on a fixed stand allowing a user to have both hands free for working with tagged animals, though it can be handheld as well. The ID is instantaneously read when the implanted p-Chip is placed in the beam of light emitted by the Wand. Partially transparent material, such as a layer of skin, plastic or frost, will not typically prevent reading.

The Wand consists of the following components: a laser diode with programmable laser driver, an optical focusing module, an air coil pickup connected to an RF receiver, an FPGA, a USB 2.0 microcontroller and power regulators. The laser emits 5 to 60 mW of optical power at 660 nm and is registered with the FDA as a Class 3R device, similar to a laser pointer. Safety goggles are not required.

Static WandThe Wand − when placed over a p-Chip − energizes the p-Chip, determines the ID from the RF signals using internal onboard firmware, and reports the decoded ID via p-Chip Reader software. The ID readout from a valid RF signal is practically instantaneous (milliseconds), thus minimum handling time is required for the product. To read an ID, the Wand must be placed within the p-Chip range, typically less than 10 mm, for a sufficient amount of light to reach the p-Chip. Different versions of the Wand are available and optimized for p-Chips that are either mounted on or under the surface of the object onto which they are attached.  

Home Technology Static PharmaSeq Wands