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Pre-Tagged Mice from Taconic

Taconic logoPharmaSeq and Taconic have joined forces, offering a novel method for simplifying and improving animal identification at your facility. Taconic, an industry leader in providing genetically modified rodent models, now offers p-Chip tagged mice for direct purchase as part of its pre-shipment animal identification services. Pre-chipping of your animals by the breeder allows your facility to create and maintain a reliable chain-of-custody, giving you maximum confidence in the identity of your experimental animals. This has the potential to save you and your facility significant time, effort and money.

p-Chips are a secure and permanent form of identification. After the mice arrive, you simply need to register them in your own colony management system. This confirms the identity of the animal and initiates chain-of-custody at your facility. We recommend on using the p-Chip tag over the lifetime of the animal.

To register the animal and to actively use the p-Chip tag, you also need the PharmaSeq wand designed to read the p-Chip ID. This should be purchased directly from PharmaSeq (LINK).

To receive more information on ordering PharmaSeq mouse tagging products please send an email to, or call us between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern Time at (732) 355-0100 ext. 27.

PharmaSeq offers a training certification program for those institutions that wish to tag mice from their internally bred lines.

For more details about the Taconic-PharmaSeq relationship, please refer to this press release (LINK). For more information on the Taconic rodentID program, please visit


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Home Products Pre-Tagged Mice from Taconic