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Laboratory Mice Tagging

restrainmouse tagging wand2 Mouse-S1060066med
1. Restrain mouse 2. Inject p-Chip 3. Read ID with Wand 4. Register ID

PharmaSeq is proud to offer the p-Chip Mouse Tagging System, the optimal solution for ensuring identity of your laboratory mice. Highly reliable and user-friendly, this method is based upon the p-Chip, the world’s smallest electronic chip for the tagging and tracking of laboratory animals. The p-Chip measures just 0.5mm x 0.5mm x 0.1mm! 

The small proportions of p-Chips allow for many major benefits. They are implanted subcutaneously in the tail with a pre-loaded, sterilized 21 gauge needle and cause no visible distress to the animal. Once the p-Chip is implanted, it will not migrate and is imperceptible to the mouse. A “cradle to grave” product, p-Chips remain in place to provide foolproof identification for the life of the animal. You will not experience tag loss or fading, as you will with some other identification methods.

p-Chips are compatible with all common imaging techniques (CT scan, MRI, cone beam, etc.) and can withstand irradiation doses of 40 gray.

For more information on the p-Chip Mouse Tagging System, please refer to our White Paper.

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Home Products Laboratory Mice Tagging