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PharmaSeq, Inc., is a private company that began its research and development efforts in 1999. The company was founded by Dr. Wlodek Mandecki, inventor of the light-activated microtransponder, which was registered under the trademark p-Chip® in 2012. He was joined in 2003 by the current CEO, Dr. Richard G. Morris. PharmaSeq currently employs fifteen people, plus several consultants who are significantly involved with R&D and business development. The Company began commercial operations in late 2011 with initiation of sales for tagging and tracking small laboratory animals such as mice.

PharmaSeq’s development has been primarily funded by federal and state grants as well as commercial revenues. To date, PharmaSeq has received in excess of $14 million in Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), Advanced Technology Program (ATP) and other grants and contracts for the development of the p-Chip and related applications within in vitro diagnostics and tagging and tracking applications.

PharmaSeq is located in the Princeton Corporate Plaza, which houses more than 600 people employed by approximately 70 companies in high-tech areas (biotechnology, computer, software). The plaza is located on US Route 1, in close proximity to Princeton and Rutgers Universities.

Core Competencies


  • Computer-aided design - design of vials, form factors, readers, injectors and other parts
  • Mechanical engineering - design of instrumentation, manufacturing tools, robotics
  • Stereolithography - rapid prototyping of complex parts
  • Analog and digital electronics - design, implementation, testing
  • Data analysis - algorithms, architecture, strategies
  • Control and analysis software - C++, LabView, MATLAB, Mathematica
  • Microelectronics - design, simulation, process management
  • Optics - lasers, optical design, ray tracing


  • Nucleic acid assay design and development
  • Immunoassay design and development
  • Core molecular biology techniques
  • Combinatorial chemistry and related technique
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