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Biorepository Tubes and Vials



FROSTED VIALSFROSTED VIALSBiorepositories currently store over 300 million samples and are adding tens of millions of specimens each year. PharmaSeq has developed a tracking system for use in biorepositories and biomedical laboratories. This powerful system is based on PharmaSeq’s p-Chip® microtransponders and aims at improving reliability of reading sample IDs and streamlining workflow.

Each vial contains a p-Chip embedded in the wall. The p-Chip can be read by an ID reader and the ID is entered into a database. Subsequently, each time the ID of the vial is read, the information about the sample is available from the database. Please note that the use of this system does not require the user to change their existing tracking/database software.

The ruggedness of p-Chips at very low temperatures makes them ideal as a tag for samples. Chips can be read at temperatures where RFID devices fail, all the way down to -196°C. Another key benefit of the system is the ability to determine the ID of the vial, even while covered with frost - a feature that cannot be achieved with 1D or 2D barcodes.

Additional Information


PharmaSeq has modified popular 1.4 mL conical flat-bottom vials suitable for a 96-position rack. The vials each have a p-Chip embedded in their center-bottom and can be closed with a separate plug-style cap. Vials are provided either in 96-position racks or in bulk.

Vials used in biorepositories vary greatly. PharmaSeq is able to provide custom tagging for most of the types used in biorepositories – please inquire. Typical examples of custom-embedded vials are shown below.


ID Readers

PharmaSeq vial tagging system incorporates two types of ID readers: single vial readers and an array reader for parallel readout of IDs of vials in a 8x12 microtiter-plate-style rack (see illustrations below). The single vial reader is available today. The array reader is under development (anticipated availability – 1st quarter of 2015).


White Paper for Biorepositories

PharmaSeq has summarized its work to date on the vial tagging system for biorepositories in a White Paper. The document describes the hardware, software and concepts behind the system. It also contains performance data at both -80C and -196C, as well as a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about p-Chips and their use in biorepositories. The White Paper is available from the link above.

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