Tagging Applications

PharmaSeq’s p-Chip® technology is being used successfully in a number of areas to tag, track and authenticate animals or objects. p-Chips are being used to tag laboratory mice and zebrafish in biomedical research, and ants and honey bees in animal social behavior studies. Some of these applications have been featured in news stories by leading media organizations such as BBC News and The National Geographic Society.

p-Chips technology has been licensed to another company, Summate, for tagging and tracking surgical instruments used in hospitals and surgicenters. The p-Chips’ ability to function after thousands of sterilization cycles make them ideal for this use. More recently, PharmaSeq licensed the p-Chip technology to a major industry provider for use in biorepositories and cryogenic storage. p-Chips are superior to optical barcodes due to the p-Chips’ ability to function under conditions of high frost.

As a foundational technology, the p-Chip can be used in many different industries. Most of these are substantial multi-billion dollar markets themselves, e.g., tagging, authenticating and tracking of critical electronic and other technical components or of pharmaceuticals, both of which are currently suffering large revenues losses due to counterfeiting. These markets either often do not have reliable solutions for tagging products. The p-Chip can be used reliably in environmentally-challenging conditions.

Laboratory Mice  



Honey Bees         


Biorepository Tubes and Vials                        

Histopathology Cassettes and Glass Slides         


Surgical Tools


Insect Pins

Retail Goods

Luxury Goods

Critical Technology Components

Pharmaceutical Packaging