Critical Tech Components


The International Chamber of Commerce estimates that counterfeiting and piracy will reach between US$1.2 and 1.8 trillion by 2015. A small but significant segment of this is the trafficking of recycled or counterfeit electronic components. The use of substandard components is particularly serious in the case of military or other mission-critical applications where adherence to original performance specifications is mandatory.

PharmaSeq has developed technology that can be applied to identify and remove rogue products from the supply chain. Our technology has been shown to the Chief Technology Officer of a major aerospace corporation who has stated that “…the chip developed by PharmaSeq Corp could potentially break the size and cost barriers” that have prevented the use of RFID devices in anti-counterfeiting applications. The p-Chip® is attached to the electronic component in such a manner that tampering with the chip, or attempting to transfer it to another component, will likely result in its destruction. This makes every component outfitted with a p-Chip uniquely identifiable.